High Lord Damien Ieriden Carpieroswas-Dorostrom

Tall dark and elfy.


High Lord Carpieroswas is a well-built half-elf with close cropped black hair and vibrant green eyes. Some skin is discolored white lines, scars leftover from natural healing, and black stubble sometimes mars his face. Most often in a rugged but handsome outfit of well crafted leather with a breastplate of dark metal that gleams red in a certain light. A heavy bear cloak sits on his shoulders, lined with white fur on the interior and a silvery-blue circlet of mithril lined with bronze aurichalcum sits on his head.

On his hip sits a sword that any familiar with stories and legends know is an ancient elven Moonblade, an artefact worn only by the most noble elves. Lined with seven glowing runes, the blade is of elegant but conservative design.

He speaks in a calm and measured tone, considering his words as best he can before speaking.


Currently one of the two High Lords of Silvermount. Rumored to have been in the Grand Army of Essenesari some time in the past.

High Lord Damien Ieriden Carpieroswas-Dorostrom

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