Professor Aban Valdersnatch

Smoke hard, drink hard, play hard.


A hard looking old man, Professor Valdersnatch wears a nice tunic and trousers even if they are frequently dusty or covered in lint. Normally wears a red robe over top his clothes, but sometimes goes without. He carries a dark wooden pipe between his lips almost constantly, and holds a dark brown glass bottle that never seems to empty. He stands of average height but bears a long white moustache and beard, beard kept tight with a golden loop. When paying close attention to a person or object he brings out a blue tinged monocle to inspect it.


Currently in Silvermount on an academic project on something called a Gate. Seems to have taken up residence in Skyhold for some time. Now seeking a mithril and aurichalcum model of a dragon skull that was taken by Kobolds nearby some time ago.

Professor Aban Valdersnatch

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